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Ticket of Work (TOW)

A TOW (Ticket of Work) authorises a qualified contractor to supply materials and labour to perform works at an address to complete connection to Telstra's copper network.

A TOW is issued when a new lead-in is required (or an insitu - but unstable/unusable lead-in needs replacing)

How to generate a TOW

1) The owner/customer calls Telstra on 13 22 00 and asks for a 'New Phone Line".
2) Request your FNN (Full National Number) - this is your new phone number
3) Request an AXIS order number. This is an internal number unique to your order (sometimes the operator will tell you they cannot generate this AXIS order - ask them for the 'Order number' instead).
4) Use the Submit Form to email the details to Dig Dug - we will then have a valid TOW issued to us, and we will help you through the process of getting connected to the network.


Dig Dug is a qualified and an approved contractor to work on the Telstra Network.


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