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Lead-in: connecting to Telstra's copper network

A 'lead-in' must be connected to Telstra's Network for telephone and ADSL (internet) in non NBN area's.

The lead-in comes from the property boundary to the house via conduit from a pit (underground installation) or through the air (aerial installation) from an electricity pole.

This connection to Telstra's Network can ONLY be made by qualified, authorised personnel, with a valid Ticket of Work (TOW).

A valid TOW issued by Telstra is required for a qualified technician, like Dig Dug to supply materials and complete the necessary works. No work can commence on Telstra's network without a valid TOW.

A new connection, be it a 'knock down rebuild' ; an unused, insitu service that requires new cable due to the existing cable being unusable/unstable; or a newly released lot the NBN will not connect to, will need to be connected to the Telstra copper network, to access services. Telstra utilise contractors to work on their network. e.g. TPG/iiNet will not send a technician to correct a shortfall with your lead-in to Telstra's network.

Dig Dug is a qualified and an approved contractor to Telstra.

How to generate a TOW (a new lead-in)

1) The owner/customer calls Telstra on 13 22 00 and asks for a 'New Phone Line".
2) Request your FNN (Full National Number) - this is your new phone number
3) Request an AXIS order number. This is an internal number unique to your order (sometimes the operator will tell you they cannot generate this AXIS order - ask them for the 'Order number' instead).
4) Use the Submit Form to email the details to Dig Dug - we will then have a valid TOW issued to us, and we will help you through the process of getting connected to the network.

Telstra Pit Telstra Maddison Connection Box

Telstra Pit and Telstra Maddison Connection Box