Dig Dug Mini Digging

Reactive Lead-ins

How a job becomes 'Reactive'

A job becomes reactive when customers call their chosen service provider, including Telstra, and the lead-in is assumed to be connected to the Telstra copper network.

When a technician meets his appointment date, and cannot complete the activation for many different reasons, the ticket becomes 'reactive' - a Ticket of Work (TOW) is generated, and the TOW is issued to a contractor.

In the ACT and surrounding area - Dig Dug is basically the sole contractor completing reactive TOW's.

Delays can be avoided if a TOW is generated in the early days of building the house. Dig Dug will have a valid TOW - and will work with you and your builder to ensure the day the technician arrives - the technician can complete their activation of the service without hinderance.

To avoid any delays, request a 'New Lead-in' and Dig Dug will work with you and your builder for the best outcome - no delays!