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Overview of copper telephone connections: new lead-ins


A 'lead-in' is required for telephone and ADSL (internet).

This connection can ONLY be made by qualified, authorised personnel: these lead-ins are connected to Telstra's copper network.

A valid TOW (Ticket of Work) issued by Telstra is required for a qualified technician, like Dig Dug, to supply materials and labour to complete the necessary works. No work can commence on Telstra's network without a valid TOW.

A new connection, be it a 'knock down rebuild' ; an unused, insitu service that requires a new lead-in due to the existing cable being unusable/unstable; or a newly released lot the NBN will not connect to, will need to be connected to the Telstra copper network, to access telephony/internet services. Only Telstra utilise contractors to work on their network. e.g. TPG/iiNet will not send a technician to correct a shortfall with your lead-in to Telstra's network.

Dig Dug is qualified and an approved contractor to work on Telstra's network.

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